Successful Aging: Feeling & Looking Your Personal Best

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Successful Aging: Feeling & Looking Your Personal Best

Guest George Gavrila, M.D. is the founder of ProMD Health, a native of the Greater Baltimore area, and a specialist in functional medicine, aesthetic medicine, and integrative care.

New days, new ways! Bio-identical hormones can revitalize restorative sleep and energy, reduce brain fog, and products/services (neuromodulation/fillers) refresh for facial volume, texture, lipolysis, and skin appearance in subtle ways – bringing increased self-confidence and renewed vitality. Thriving means feeling & looking your best inside and outside with personalized, skilled, and compassionate care.

The best aging perspective comes from within and a positive outlook aided by the skills of compassionate physicians and innovative technology help those who seek it. For more information on Dr. Gavrila:

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