Grief and Loss Series – Episode 10 – Grieving Our Pre-COVID Life

Linda Kreter and Susie Reece on WiseHealth for Women Radio presents:

Grief and Loss Series – Episode 10 – Grieving Our Pre-COVID Life

Linda Kreter and Susie Reece
Linda Kreter and Susie Reece bring the 10th episode in our series about Grief and Loss on WiseHealth for Women Radio. Today’s episode talks about our personal impressions of the confusion, uncertainty, changes, fatigue, fears — and opportunities — as we move through the reality of COVID/pandemic living.

What do you miss from your pre-COVID life? What changes in your emotions occurred from the beginning of the virus in America to two to three months later? First there was confusion and uncertainty, then predictive medical models (most often wrong and alarmist), practical protections, different state guidelines, and the not-often-heard words… How did/do you feel about the words “quarantine”, “social distancing”, and “lockdown”? Did the words help or alarm you?

The situations are vastly different for regions and portions of the population. Is your home safe? Do you have higher-risk or vulnerable family members? How can we best connect when we miss the humanness of being face to face? Suspend judgment to understand how households with addiction and abuse fare compared to safer living places? There are no simple answers.

Think about the middle of this journey, and the structured opening of America, schools, graduations, adapting to thrive rather than survive — words, thoughts, and commonalities will draw us together, and kind words matter now more than ever.

Responsibility versus Freedom; what have we lost, and what opportunities can we gain from this experience? Adaptability and the capability to accept change (even if you don’t like it) can make a world of difference to you, your families, and especially children. We have more steps to go, and we’ll revisit this topic in six months to learn how we are all coping.

We will be continuing this discussion and welcome you to this series. Future episodes will cover: The Loneliness of Grief, Language of Loss, Feeling Alone After Loss, Sibling Loss, Children and Loss, Grief is Unique, and the Power of Presence to Heal — and more. Life is precious, and so is saying goodbye.

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