Coaching Skills for Everyday

WiseHealth for Women Radio and Linda Kreter Presents:

Coaching Skills for Everyday

Lorraine Hamilton Lorraine Hamilton is a professional coach in New Zealand who can help you embed coaching skills into your life every day. Learn the levels of listening, thinking (given the space to hear), and then speaking — in that order. Tip: Action, Impact, Do. For example, When you interrupt me (action), I feel as though I am not being listened to or valued which results in me not listening to what you are saying (impact). I would really appreciate if you wait until I have finished speaking, so that I can be fully present for your response (do differently). Discover the wonderment of being truly heard, going beyond the surface in conversation, and enriching your relationships. For more information:

Click here to download, or click below to listen live. Also available on iTunes.  Air date, 02May2017.

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