WHY Am I Eating This? Is This the Nourishment You Need?

Linda Kreter and WiseHealth for Women Radio presents:

WHY Am I Eating This? Is This the Nourishment You Need?
With Sandy Robertson RN, MSN, PH-CNS

Sandy Robertson
Linda Kreter and WiseHealth Radio hosts guest Sandy Robertson, a Registered Nurse and Medical Intuitive and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner. Weaving together traditional nutrition and science of eating with the mind-body approach to wellbeing gives rise to a better understanding of the deeper issues of unhealthy eating.

Think of nourishment and nurturing. With self-awareness and intention, are you truly hungry for food, or perhaps comfort, distraction, or a coping mechanism. Nourishment is more than food; it’s also self-care. Don’t forget Stillness. Busyness and distraction, eating on the run, or perhaps not knowing what proper nutrition is in practice; learn healthy routines, and know it’s never too late to change the mind-body connection. Energy or the lack of energy is contagious!

Find out more at www.EnergyWorksWisdom.com. Also on the website, you’ll receive a free chapter of her new book and more!

Click here to listen: https://bit.ly/WHR-WhyAreWeEatingThis. Our podcast is found on Spotify, iTunes, and multiple places where podcasts are found.  Air date19Dec2023.

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