Breathwork: Intentionally Alter Your Breathing for Better Health

Linda Kreter and WiseHealth for Women Radio presents:

Breathwork: Intentionally Alter Your Breathing for Better Health

Jen Broyles
Linda is joined today by Jen Broyles, founder of the Sacred Breath Community and an expert in breathing practices. This show focuses on the healing, calming power of intentional breath practices. Holistic health coach Jen Broyles share that HOW we breathe is important to managing our days, and even nights.

While breathing is usually “mindless” and under control of our autonomic nervous system, breathing deeply in a committed fashion can cause positives changes and mitigate unwelcome effects of stress, anxiety, excitement, and even hiccups! Learn of the health benefits of rhythmic breathing, used for holistic health, reducing tension, supporting meditation, insomnia, and calming while building new healthy habits.

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