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WiseHealth for Women Radio Host: Linda Kreter

Linda Kreter Linda Kreter is a serial entrepreneur with companies involved in clinical drug development, marketing, advertising, veteran caregiver advocacy, peer connections and augmented communications, and today is CEO of WiseHealth, Inc.. She is host of three successful syndicated on-demand radio shows: Military Network Radio, WiseHealth for Women Radio, and Dynamic Women Talk Radio, reaching over 4,000,000 listeners each month.

Linda has reinvented herself often due to circumstances both wanted — and unwanted. Most women have too, and after 40, we’re often given the opportunity to grow into who we wanted to be – or enhance parts of our lives that make us happier. Today’s women are pressed daily to give more, learn more, and be more, often at the expense of mind, body, and spirit. WiseHealth for Women Radio is outreach to women over 40, who are seeking to balance the seasons of their lives and create the best possible version of themselves.

Don’t let pop culture convince you women over 40 are invisible! On WiseHealth for Women Radio, with interesting and intriguing guests, we’ll focus on the basics of health, but mostly on the ways amazing women find new ways to flourish. This is an exciting time of life and women are incredibly resourceful and resilient. Flourish after 40 – Helping women thrive!

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