Racism or Prejudice? Inspiring Bold and Noble Ideas

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Racism or Prejudice? Inspiring Bold and Noble Ideas

Cathy Krafve
The words we choose demonstrate whether we prefer cowardly or courageous ideas. There is room for many discussions; this tough topic among them, and whether the discussion will be productive or not is up to us. What a difficult time to engage with others, post-pandemic, cumulative fear, and that elusive word, “unity”. Please contribute to the conversation!

Today’s guest is author, blogger, podcaster, and a woman who wishes to engage at the heart level with everyone: Cathy Krafve. This week’s blog (www.CathyKrafve.com) is one of many on her website and in her newsletter to tackle the timely topics challenging to discuss.

So, we dive in! There is scarcely a corner of the nation where we can hide from the polarization, segregation, and presumptions we each bring to the table. Yet, we can do better, and Cathy offers four ways to gently penetrate barriers and clear misconceptions. Consider the way we view others through our own lens and experiences, recognize that regions of the country differ in their receptivity, and also whether the all-present media (social media included) influence us. It’s not an easy time to discern patterns of behavior in our own lives, yet we can only influence others if we understand the issues ourselves.

Freedom over Fear. Pushing past tribal influences and keeping our minds open to the experiences of others all help us to become closer to being “One Nation Under God”. Even if you select “None” as your religion, you will find points to consider in this podcast and we hope you’ll join in kindness, compassion, and build a better world, one person at a time. Thank you for listening!

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