Dr. Binyamin Rothstein – How to be a Terrific Dad

Linda Kreter and WiseHealth for Women Radio presents:

Dr. Binyamin Rothstein – How to be a Terrific Dad

Binyamin Rothstein, DO
Linda Kreter and WiseHealth Radio speak today with Binyamin Rothstein, DO, about his work as a physician, and also with coaching young men to become more present, engaged fathers. In his medical practice, he found that men often felt stifled, cast into stereotypical boxes, yet with society’s expectations ever shifting. Families in trouble had patterns, and he noted them to create this course and today’s discussion. It’s a confusing time for families everywhere, and yes, his work is also applicable to women.

Four major characteristics are coached: Respect (being respectful and respectable), Mindful (how do you affect others), clarity on Values and goals, and excellent communication and consistency. With so much distraction in the world, it’s not easy for parents to be all these things all the time, but making small changes, or even considering this information – it promotes all of us to think.

Find out more at www.BeATerrificDad.com, and click here to listen: https://bit.ly/WHR-TerrificDadShow.  Air date 10Jul2023.

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