Family Generosity: Discover Your “Giving Fingerprints”

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Family Generosity: Discover Your “Giving Fingerprints”

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Guest and e-book author Dawn Franks of Your Philanthropy has a vibrant background in good works, benevolence and gifting. She understands giving from the organizational fund-raising side — and from the donor side. What her research and experience has shown are the 36 values that usually drive personal gifts and grants. When Family Generosity is added to the discussion, it allows multiple generations to promote giving, and allows for engagement for both legacy and participatory giving.

Our giving styles (small or large, or in time and talent) are as unique as fingerprints. Find her e-book and more information here:, and start the discussion in your family. Surprises may come as you learn what is important to the youngest generation and the richness of a giving history envelopes the family with meaningful discussion!

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