Marijuana and Teenage Use: Tell Your Children with Alex Berenson

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Marijuana and Teenage Use: Tell Your Children with Alex Berenson

Alex Berenson
Guest and author Alex Berenson has done extensive research about the use of marijuana and particularly the link between teenage cannabis use and the developing brain. His new book, “Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence” takes no political stance, and seeks to inform parents and advocates about this presumably benign substance (according to today’s legislative approach).

In this episode, Alex shares the science, research, outcomes, and patterns of cannabis use among teens and young adults. In those susceptible/sensitive for mental illness (family history, personal circumstances), marijuana use may cause a tipping point into lifelong psychoses. The majority of adults in America believe the common narrative about medicinal or recreational use, and this show shares stories, research, statistics, and outcomes.

Learn about side effects from edibles, possible interactions and symptoms, plus safety and knowledge of how cannabis has evolved. Learn of symptoms you may attribute to prescription medications or to circumstances rather than the use of cannabis. No matter your view – pro or con – on cannabis use, you are well served by hearing the background, science, and politics behind marijuana use.

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