Music: The Great Unifier

Linda Kreter and WiseHealth for Women Radio presents:

Music: The Great Unifier

Bill Protzmann
Guest Bill Protzmann: professional musician and creator of MusicCare, joins Linda for a warm discussion on how music unifies even the most disparate groups. We engage with music, whether from our phones, song lists, concerts, and even in the grocery store… The science behind music makes sense and we connect.

Memories are embedded in music, culture, tonality, tempo, and 13 categories of emotions are shown in different kinds of music. Music soothes the soul, harmony and mood lifts, and compassion, lyrics, and the experience of music makes it very powerful. Music helps those with dementia, trauma, happy times, and times for calm; we need music in our lives. As the saying goes: “I have a therapist, and her name is Music.”

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