Audio of Veterans, Caregivers, and Survivors Federal Advisory Meeting

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Audio of Veterans, Caregivers, and Survivors Federal Advisory Meeting – Held January 25-26 in Washington, DC at Red Cross Headquarters Building

This is an audio compilation of the Federal Advisory Meeting for Veterans, Caregivers, and Survivors, held virtually in Washington DC on January 25–26.

The acoustics are challenging in the room, but we share this recording ahead of the official transcript and recording that will be put in the Committee record, and supplied within 90 days. Not included are the speakers who gave moving and experiential public comment — they were all amazing.


Start Introduction by Lee Woodruff, Committee Chairman
2:30 Jeffrey Moragne, Director Advisory Committee Management Office
27:30 John Boerstler, Chief Veterans Experience Officer to Secretary of Dept of Veteran Affairs, Honorable Denis McDonough (SecVA)
41:58 Cheryl Schmitz, Dep. Executive Director, Geriatrics and Veteran Directed Care and VSAFE
1:06 Ms. Meg Kabat, Senior Advisor to the Secretary for Families, Caregivers and Survivors

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