New Year, New Nourishment with Sandy Robertson RN, MSN, PH-CNS

Linda Kreter and WiseHealth for Women Radio presents:

New Year, New Nourishment with Sandy Robertson RN, MSN, PH-CNS

Mary Bernitt

Linda Kreter and WiseHealth Radio hosts guest Sandy Robertson, a Registered Nurse and Medical Intuitive and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner to restart your intentions, whether it’s a New Year — or a new day.

Nourishment is all that “feeds” us: nutrition, family, friends, pets, beliefs, stillness, and all you surround yourself with in an everchanging way. Good practices? Look closely at your Whole Health Plan — yes, spend a little time to write down your values (10 minutes), and where you may find room to improve and grow. Most people avoid this step, but it reaps rewards.

Consider your sleep, the effect of blue light, EMF, the benefits of nature and grounding, and stand up — sitting is the new smoking! Tiny steps make for a good practice, and learn many more small tips in this 30-minute episode to make this year the best, healthiest year ever for you.

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