Practical Wealth Wisdom with Financial Educator Curtis May

Linda Kreter and WiseHealth for Women Radio presents:

Practical Wealth Wisdom with Financial Educator Curtis May

Curtis May

Linda Kreter and WiseHealth Radio hosts guest Curtis May discuss the key topic of money — sharing priorities, strategies, and tactics. What are your financial goals? If you’re in debt, there are smarter ways to pay down debt, while saving and day-to-day living.

Curtis talks about being “financially free”, which is an aspirational goal for many, but the incremental steps/tips he shares will take you there faster and with less risk. Cash is always king, but so too are your principles. He shares 5 Principles of Personal Finance; saving 15% of gross income, proper insurance, replacement value guaranteed upon death, liquidity, and “velocity” or how quickly will your money work for you.

Taxes are inevitable, but perhaps don’t overpay them? Waiting for a refund is an easy way to give your money to an entity that doesn’t pay interest and cramps your way of living (consider your workplace paperwork). There’s always Constructive debt and Destructive debt; learn how to apply those principles, even if you are paying down debt while also saving for the future. Consider paycheck deductions for a company match, but not past it, as you don’t gain from locking up more money. All these actions add up, and consider also your risk profile (age, income, security, and more factor in).

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