Divorce Money Guide with Tracy Coenen

Linda Kreter and WiseHealth for Women Radio presents:

Divorce Money Guide with Tracy Coenen

Tracy Coenen

Linda Kreter and WiseHealth Radio hosts guest Tracy Coenen shares the smarter way to both learn about family financials, and in the event of divorce or separation, to be wise in the way you move forward. Knowledge helps when it comes to monetary accounts, properties, and even where direct deposit paychecks go.

Divorce can be horrific, but if you know where you stand financially, and know how to track down finances with a forensic accountant (which Tracy specializes in), you come from a position of strength. Think about it: are you fully aware of your financial state, and in a poor situation, are you prepared to be smart?

Learn how to manage your money wisely by using a Divorce Coach alongside your attorney, and also pre-emptively manage your finances. Money is NOT the most important thing in life, but it helps ease the painful transitions that may be necessary.

Find out more here: www.DivorceMoneyGuide.com. Click here to listen: https://bit.ly/WHR-TracyCoenenDivorceCoach. Our podcast is found on Spotify, iTunes, and multiple places where podcasts are found.  Air date 11Mar2024.

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