Healthy Perimenopause with Bria Gadd

Linda Kreter and WiseHealth for Women Radio presents:

Healthy Perimenopause with Bria Gadd

Bria Gadd

Linda Kreter and WiseHealth Radio hosts guest Bria Gadd today to discuss all things perimenopause, how to best view this amazing season in our lives, and the importance of the four pillars of wellness as a foundation.

Unlike puberty, which is eagerly awaited and known about as an entry to young adulthood, menopause and the ever earlier perimenopause is less known, though now more openly discussed. The simplest explanation is that this is puberty in reverse, and with hormonal shifts, balance is vitally important.

Learn more about this at, and realize that you don’t need to be a helpless victim to the symptoms your body may reveal to you. Be strong in setting intention for good nutrition, healthy movement, resting/sleep, and optimize stress reduction. With knowledge and healthy habits, you’ll better understand what is happening in your body (cortisol/stress, hormone imbalance, weight gain right where you don’t want it, and broken sleep with uncomfortable symptoms).
The pandemic appears to have made things worse, as uncertainty, fear, and isolation exacerbated monthly periods, and later, treatments caused some irregularities (one in 906 women).

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