Your Best Life Now, with Megan McShane

Linda Kreter and WiseHealth for Women Radio presents:

Your Best Life Now, with Megan McShane

Megan McShane

Linda Kreter and WiseHealth Radio hosts guest Megan McShane, co-founder of Your Best Life Now unfolds the many valuable lessons gained in working with entrepreneurs, moms, families globally. Her past work includes many roles within Tony Robbin’s organization, and the pandemic set her on her own course.

We are often torn and conflicted on how to manage the various aspects of our life, and learning how to best stay in the now, while also giving grace to oneself in important. For dynamic women, this is often a race from wakeup to nightfall, but in between is “where life happens”, and we are only given one day at a time.

Connection is vitally important, and building in awareness of self-care, such as who we surround ourselves with, what we read, how we move, what we eat and drink, and how we are still all contribute to a rich life — or a hectic, stressed one. Megan builds upon each day in four categories: Faith, Family, Fitness, and Finances. Hope is not a great business strategy, but tenacity, prioritization, rest, gratitude, and naming what we feel so we can process life is better than hopeful; it’s revitalizing.

Find out more about Megan and YBLN here: (Your Best Life Now).

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