April Steele: Curiosity and Asking Why!

Linda Kreter and WiseHealth for Women Radio presents:

April Steele: Curiosity and Asking Why!

April Steele
Linda Kreter and WiseHealth for Women Radio is joined today by April Steele, an amazing anthropologist, and student of the WHY in corporate culture and how it matters! Creativity is treasured, and in those seeking to understand their staff, company culture, or clients, April knows multiple ways to get through to the “real” truth of how people share and evolve.

Discovery is at the root of making sense of humans and breaking the chain of “we’ve always done it this way”. We know we all view life through our own lens of experiences and priorities, yet when seeking to shift or even change culture (or our views), a broader level of uncertainty may play a subtle part. April is the Director of Insights and Innovation for Epic Pivot, so finding out what choices are made and what influences people or groups of people is valuable.

So too is knowing yourself and knowing what you bring to the table — periodically, look inside and realize the values that make you, well, you! An enjoyable episode!

Find out more at www.EpicPivot.com, and click here to listen: https://bit.ly/WHR-TheWHY_AprilSteele.  Air date 08July2024.

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