Dr. Danielle Peebles – Chiropractic for Wellness & Self-Care

Linda Kreter and WiseHealth for Women Radio presents:

Dr. Danielle Peebles – Chiropractic for Wellness & Self-Care

Dr. Danielle Peebles
Linda Kreter and WiseHealth Radio is joined today by Dr. Danielle Peebles, chiropractic physician, author, and speaker. In today’s episode, Danielle shares how those long-forgotten prior injuries, that ache you ignore, the monthly cycles or menopause, and what may bring you initially to the chiropractor are often the keys to becoming well again. Insomnia? Gut issues? Headaches? How about your energy and general wellbeing?

Interestingly, even if you’ve forgotten where or how that dysfunction began, Daniele speaks to how your body “archives” all the injuries or twinges, while also doing its best to keep you functioning. You need not be on the pain scale to benefit from chiropractic care; it’s possible to simply be unaware of how much better you’ll feel once you adjust, balance and move well again. Hear about how the body will do its best to protect you, but know that not tending to aches and pains may lead to “protection” in the form of arthritis…

For more information on Dr. Peebles, go to @Dr.DanniP on Facebook and Instagram, plus her website at www.StlProHealth.com.

Click here to listen: https://bit.ly/WHR-DrDanniP-SelfCare. Our podcast is found on Spotify, iTunes, and multiple places where podcasts are found.  Air date 12July2024.

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