Life Lessons from a Near Death Experience

Linda Kreter and WiseHealth for Women Radio presents:

Life Lessons from a Near Death Experience

Nancy Rynes
Guest and author Nancy Rynes was riding her bicycle in beautiful Colorado when she was hit by a very large SUV, severely injured, and survived. During surgery to repair over 24 bone breaks, internal injuries, and traumatic brain injury, Nancy experienced a memorable Near Death Experience (NDE).

A scientist, Nancy was an avowed atheist. After her “semester in Heaven”, which was in real time hours, she was transformed by her experience, learning to use gratitude, love, warmth, acceptance, and peace with others. This opens to a broader discussion of how we impact those around us, and how compassion and kindness make our world a better place, believer or non-believer. Find out more at and her book, “Awakenings from the Light” here

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