Mark Menolascino, M.D. – Heart Health for Women

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Mark Menolascino, M.D. – Heart Health for Women

Mark Menolascino, M.D.
Guest and author Mark Menolascino, M.D. brings specific knowledge and understanding of the importance of lifestyle choices for healthier heart health. Women and men present differently in the emergency room and for two out of three women, the first sign of heart disease may be a fatal heart attack. Let that sink in…

Dr. Mark’s expertise is broad and personalized medicine using both Eastern and Western diagnostics and indicators (his siblings are also physicians) brings excellent options, recommendations, and how to begin a path to better heart health. As he says, “Your genes are your potential, not your destiny.” It’s never too late to begin with good self-care, a stronger social circle, the value of pets, and self-compassion on social media and elsewhere. Learn more — so much more — at

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