Women Veterans and Service Dogs – K9s Serving Vets

WiseHealth for Women Radio and Linda Kreter Presents:

Women Veterans and Service Dogs — K9s Serving Vets

Kira Clark
Kira Clark is embarking on a new endeavor and she returns to our podcast to discuss the need for more outreach into the women veteran and minority communities. She also shares exciting news about her new patented K9 Caller Intervention. Kira’s organization is the liaison between the Department of Veteran Affairs and 75 accredited service dog organizations. Think of her services as a clearing house for this very complex, time-consuming, and costly journey to match veterans with an appropriate service animal.

The minority and women veteran’s community often lack the same resources or outreach, and we want to help Kira as a finalist for a PenFed Foundation grant. You can vote here (a one-time vote and much appreciated) at https://veip.penfedfoundation.org/ and scroll down to Challenge Grant and voting; Kira’s company name for voting is Sassko. This grant will help with the organizations mission with service dogs, and outreach for the K9 Alert. This remarkable device alerts authorities by the Service Animal trained to call for help!

Click here to download https://bit.ly/WHR-K9AlertsKiraClark, or click below to listen live. Also available on Spotify, iTunes, and wherever you listen to podcasts.  Air date, 31Jan2022.

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