Anna Simpson and Your Story Is Your Power

Linda Kreter and WiseHealth for Women Radio presents:

Anna Simpson and Your Story Is Your Power

Anna Simpson

Linda Kreter and WiseHealth Radio is joined today by coach and entrepreneur Anna Simpson, (joining from the United Kingdom) sharing about the power of telling your story. Not only for speakers, but for everyone who wishes to connect with others, to engage in an authentic way, and to inspire in every walk of life. By learning how to seamlessly communicate snippets of your life, you make a difference in people’s lives.

Whether it’s among a group of friends, a parent’s school meeting, a work agenda where you may have an outlying opinion, using stories and examples draw mind pictures and amplify your messages. Who are the teachers you recall today? Most likely those who told vivid stories and gave meaningful (to you) examples. It’s a gift to be honed and nurtured.

Discover more at and find her marvelous book here, and wherever books are sold.

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